Winlin is one of the main supercontinent in Arilya. Winlin itself is a vast terrain that has mountains, deserts, grasslands, etc.

Five Kingdoms:Edit


There are 4 states:


There is only one Hidden State, and that is the land of the Oryon, where they reside in hiding away from the rest of Winlin and Arilya itself.


  • Burlam - Capital (Helix)
  • Haverton - Capital (Vanagoth)
  • Koil - Capital (Grix)
  • Darford - Capital (Nytch)
  • Lunham - Capital (Visben)
  • Nyx - Capital (Polyroux)
  • Brentwich - Capital (Dushon)
  • Old Dale




  • Skyfold
  • Harvold
  • Akavayne

Other Land Markers:

  • Veilvalley
  • Krall Mountains
  • Thessar Mountains
  • The Halls of Prophecy


  • Benendel
  • Aldra
  • Goldby
  • Mesod

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