Some families bloodlines are better than others (or are more noble). Some of them can trace their lines into the ancient times.


There are Four Bloodlines:Edit

  • The Silas Family: They posses the abilities of Hex Eyes. There eyes can shift into hex symbols.

Creating A Bloodlined Character:Edit

This is for the more x-rated portion of the game. If you do not want to hear this, then please leave this page now.

In order for a new member of the bloodline to be created, they have to be created in game. That means that they have to be created Why? Because life is not without sex; it is there and it happens. You do not have to describe it if you dont want to, but it must at least be referenced. Bolder players may--if they so choose to--describe it in the Adult RP Forum section. (The baby is born an npc. It is up to a Storyteller to give this to any player he chooses worthy or the character can be given as a prize.) Female characters can be targeted more. Rape is possible (we are not supportive of or condone to rape in real life) and it makes for more character depth. However the female in question may be more powerful than you.

If she is and you try to rape her your character may be killed, no questions asked. The same is not true for males being raped by females. Use these tactics under your own advisements. If both characters agree to it then that is perfectly fine.

Characters cannot be created by players with families with Hex Eyes. If your character is picked for a step-mother, step-father, step-son, etc., then the ability can be implanted but be careful because sometimes your sanity can be changed forever.