Wizard 01
Kayn Silas
Full Name Kayn Jasper Silas
Date Created 9/28/2011
Gender Male
Race Elben, Aylvel
Age 31
Eye Color Green
Weight 170
Height 5'9'
Type of Body Built
Skin Type Olive
Class Enchanter
Personality Intresting, Cool, Collected
Intrests History
Hometown Lunham
Education Well Educated

Former 10th Division Captain of SoA. Silas is the headmaster of the Pembrook University. The same school he himself once went to.

Elfen Lied Lilium

Elfen Lied Lilium

Character Theme Song

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  • Craine Silas-Silas' step-father
  • Magnus Silas-his grandfather


"I have done things that are neither proud or admirable. But I have lived. I have tasted lifes fount and I taste it still." Silas to Veron

Early Life:Edit

Pembrook Years:Edit

Physical Appearance:Edit

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Magical Talents and Skills:Edit

  • Can transform into a raven.
  • Ice/frost/snow powers

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