is a supernatural being from various religions, occultisms, literatures, and folklores that is described as something that is not human and, in ordinary (almost universal) usage, malevolent.

List of Demon Ranks:

Emperor & Empress----
King & Queen----
Viceroy & Vicereine----
Archduke & Archduchess
Infante & Infanta----
Grand Duke & Grand Duchess

Grand Prince & Grand Princess----

Duke & Duchess

Prince & Princess

Marquess & Marchioness

Marquis & Marquise

Margrave & Margravine----

Count & Countess Earl & Countess

Viscount & Viscountess----

Baron & Baroness Freiherr & Freifrau----

Baronet & Baronetess
Hereditary Knight, Ritter----
Knight & Dame
Nobile, Edler von


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